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Easter Day and a miracle just for us.

24th March 2008

Easter Day and a miracle just for us.

Although the day started ENTIRELY too early,  (the kids were up before 5am…ugh) the day was really good.  We went out to my home church for the service.  It was a fun, interactive service and the kids both did well enough that we were able to stay in the pews (about 5 rows back) the whole time (until the little ones were dismissed for the sermon after the children’s story).  My dad did tech for the service (pretty normal) and my mom was in the praise choir, so she was up and down a lot as they performed. 

One rather amusing hitch was when the pastor called for the children’s story.  What he meant was children’s choir.  (the children’s story was to follow the choir) but he said “story”, so I picked up Zora to take her to the front, and sent Zane on ahead.  About the time Zane clears the pew and is headed up front, I catch the eye of my mom (standing with the praise choir up front) who is motioning me to sit down.  I was sort of confused, but went back to my spot assuming that maybe the story was too “old” for Zora.  (which was not the normal routine for children’s story, but oh well).  A moment later I realized that it wasn’t children’s story, but choir, and Zane got shuffled in with the other kids standing in the front of the church, front and center.  Zach and I both had the realization of what was happening at the same moment, but were in the middle of the pew and just sort of looked at eachother in shock and “what the heck do we do now?” look on our faces.  As my mouth stood open, in a semi panic, the choir began to sing.  Zane, instead of freaking out or melting down, started smiling the biggest smile and looking around at the kids surrounding him.  By the third verse he was (sorta) singing along.  Amazing.  Our own little Easter miracle.

We went to the farm for Easter dinner.  Grandma (mom’s mom) and Steve and Joy joined us.  It was a fun afternoon.  The kids got another basket filled with goodies from Grandma & Grandpa, and played on the farm until they were so worn out they fell asleep in their tracks.  At that point, we scooped them up and took them home.  A very nice day.

The photos and 3 videos

  (I didn’t start taking pictures until after changing them out of their Easter clothes, so I will need to dress them up again to get some pictures of their Easter cuteness)

As the grownups finish eating, the kids find their way to the piano.  (next to the dining table)

x2008-03-23 001  Easter.jpg


And a video of them playing: 



The highlight of the day for Zane…Grandpa showing him how to work the backhoe.

x2008-03-23 010  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 011  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 012  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 013  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 020  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 021  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 022  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 023  Easter.jpg

A video of him taking the controls: 



Zora spending time with Grandma while Grandpa and Zane are going for a walk.

The cat (Barnum, our old cat) was curled up in the planter and Zora kept bringing things to her.  (the white planter was the only thing there before Zora started moving things)

x2008-03-23 050  Easter.jpg


A video of Zora discovering the eggs have treats in them: 


x2008-03-23 052  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 054  Easter.jpg


Grandpa & Zane return, Zora shoots out to meet them.

x2008-03-23 067  Easter.jpg


Zora snags Zane’s basket when he sets it down.

x2008-03-23 074  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 075  Easter.jpg


Zora shows me that she can drive too.  (the truck was not running, btw)

x2008-03-23 086  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 090  Easter.jpg


The kids help Grandma put birdseed into the feeders.

x2008-03-23 099  Easter.jpg

x2008-03-23 101  Easter.jpg


Hope your Easter was as joyful as ours!


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