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Our very own Energizer Bunny

30th March 2008

Our very own Energizer Bunny

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Little Zora is a dyanamo.  After 3 hours in the church nursery, she came home and didn’t want to take a nap.  We went to a birthday party at Pump-it-Up, one of those places that has huge blow up play equiptment.  (here are some pics from a b-day party there last Dec: 1, 2).  Both of the kids really had fun, but Zora’s energy was remarkable, epecially considering no nap after what usually wears her out.  Zach was going up with her each time for a while, and was tiring, and one time two little kids got in between him and Zora and she went down on her own, in perfect form, so from that point on we just let her go.  For two full hours, she climbed the stairs, on her own (nobody carrying her), and then slid down the slide on her own.  A lot of the times she was dragging the yellow matt, bigger than she was and easily 10-15lbs up the stairs with her.  She barely even slowed down.  I just couldn’t believe she kept going because the stairs are much harder than average to climb because it is inflatable, and any other person on the entire thing would cause them to wiggle and require more work to keep balanced.  She attacked that thing with abandon.  No wonder we have a hard time meeting her energy needs at home.  lol

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  1. 1 On March 31st, 2008, Jessemommy said:

    Man, I wish I had half of the energy of my kids That pump it up place sounds like it would be up their ally and a lot of fun.

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