28th June 2008


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To answer a question in a comment:   no, Zora did not put the puzzle together herself.  For some reason, Zora sees puzzles as an entirely social activity.  She won’t do them without an audience and a helper.  lol.  So different than Zane where puzzles would entertain him for hours of independent play.  She wants me to put them together, then she will take out one to three pieces and put them back in, with a big “HURRAY!” and glance over to see if I am watching her every time she connects a pieces.  We did go out and get a few more puzzles to do because the Thomas puzzles were causing us to go through a lot of bandaids. 

I am very glad to see her being able to connect a few pieces though.  I was a bit concerned a few months ago when she couldn’t put a large round piece in a large round hole, even all it would take was a little nudge to drop the piece.  At the same age, Zane was putting together 100 piece puzzles.  That was unusual, but the extreme inability to do a puzzle had me a little concerned too.

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  1. 1 On June 29th, 2008, ShackintheMountains said:

    Boo is, just now, starting to put together regular puzzles – meaning anything other than the wooden, 1 to 2 pieces per picture baby puzzles.

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