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Vacation Bible School Begins

30th June 2008

Vacation Bible School Begins

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Let me start with:  the “Vacation” part of the name is really misleading.  lol. 

It went alright.  We had a rough start…while I was dropping Zora off at the nursery, Zane walked away from me.  He was there one minute, and disappeared the next.  The crowd was FAR more than I was anticipating too.  I started to look for him in the crowd, then quickly realized he probably headed the other direction given the noise and chaos.  Sure enough…he was outside, walking the perimeter of the landscaped island that defined the drop off drive area.  It took some convincing to get him to come back in.

For the most part, he did fairly well, especially if you take into consideration the amount of noise and chaos there.  They had actions to the songs in the big room (the area that is usually the sanctuary, with all of the chairs removed) and he followed along better than I thought he would.  He was able to participate in most of the activities, although a few of them were just too challenging for him on his own (carrying a plastic teaspoon of water from a bucket to a 2 liter bottle about 20 feet away…the water stayed for about 3 steps.  lol.  I helped steady his hand and we walked back together with the spoon).  The weaving activity he did well at, even better than some of the kids around us.  He also was able to put three little beads on a little string to make a necklace…all of the painful hours I have spent working with him on threading paid off…yeah!  The most challenging part of the day was getting him to stay with his group, but I could hardly blame him because you really had to pay attention to your group because there were just too many people going every direction. 

It was worth it, but it was hard on me.  When I finally got both kids back into the car afterwards I was choking back tears from the stress and sadness of seeing that gap widen between him and his peers.  I was also very proud of how far he has come though.

I think he liked it, at least most of it.  The church really did a nice job of organizing it and making it interesting for the kids…I was impressed.  We will be back tomorrow, and I suspect it will go a little better.  Of course, by the time he really has the routine down, it will be over. (it is Mon-Thurs, just this week).

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  1. 1 On June 30th, 2008, ShackintheMountains said:

    I have a rough time with crowds, noise, and chaos.  Good for Zane for plowing through it! 

    It is hard to see that gap.  D’s isn’t as big but, by 2nd grade, it was noticeable.  His has gotten much smaller since we started homeschooling.  I’m sure there are “gaps” where Zane is ahead of his peers, it’s just not in the day to day “bible camp” stuff.  How did Zane do when he got home?

    It’s fantastic that he did it and got through it. 

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