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Today Zane is 6 years, 6 months, 6 days old. Appropriate.

2nd July 2008

Today Zane is 6 years, 6 months, 6 days old. Appropriate.

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Noticed the ticker this morning and laughed.  Looked at it again after bible school and it seemed appropriate. 

As I was pulling out the drive way this morning, when I turned, something sharp cramped in my back.  Shooting pain.  I didn’t have any ibuprofen on me either.  My dear husband put his warm hand on the spot and I really tried to relax my back as much as I could.  Not a great start.  After I drop Zach off I take the kids to breakfast.  (this week was the first time Zora has seen a McDonalds, the 2nd or 3rd time for Zane…one of which was meeting Bede and his family at a playdate years ago…not because of some ethical issue like other boycotts, but because it is nasty.  lol).  I got everything ready for the kids and went to sip the coffee and about passed out from pain as it hit “the” tooth (The same one that started giving me problems about 2 days after our insurance ran out)  Yeah me.   At least I didn’t spill the coffee today…I didn’t realize how flimsy the trays were yesterday and tried to grab it with one hand…the former waitress in me was horrified.

There were some really good moments today.  He loves the singing part and did a pretty good job of doing the actions along with the song.  He did a great job when they played a game sort of like musical chairs…you walk around a circle on rug squares with numbers on them.  When they stop the music, they call out a name, and if you are standing on the number, you go get some candy.  Not only did he do it with almost no prompting, but he didn’t complain when others won, and he went to get the candy when they called his number.  I was proud of him. 

During craft time I started to smell something.  Lovely.  Ended up having to go out to the car to change his pants after that one.  We went back and had snack and he didn’t want to eat the grapes and apples, two of his favorite things, which is very weird for him.  After snack is story time, but I had decided that we weren’t going to attempt story time (he knows as soon as he hits the room that it is just story/sitting and listening time and I saw an actor dragging a cross around the hallway earlier when going for the diaper change and realized that it was probably supposed to be more solemn today…not a good mix with a boy who will fight being in the room.)  That turned out to be a great decision.  While we were sitting there watching the weavers (and actually helping her spin bobbins) I heard, then smelled something very, very bad.  Even worse than the first time.  It was liquid and horrid.  I got him changed, he was screaming because it was hurting him, so we just went and got Zora and left.  It was almost time to go anyway by the time I got him changed.

I decided to just pick up Zach for lunch and go home so that he could drive himself back from work later.  Originally I was thinking of going to Exploration Place in the afternoon before picking up Zach, but Zane needed to be home more, and I don’t want to deal with diapers like that in public if I don’t have to. 

Back home now.  I have Ibuprofen in me, Zane is happily watching some Mario Bros. videos and Zora is playing in the playroom and occasionally bugging Zane (I hear playing noises, abruptly interrupted by “No Zora!” and “Mine!” and such.  lol.)  So, back to normal.  I am achy, but it is manageable, Zane seems comfortable and happy.  (love Butt Paste…miracle butt protector). Zora took a nap in the car, but won’t go back to sleep and I am now at the threshold where I hope she doesn’t fall asleep any more because it will interfere with nighttime sleep.

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  1. 1 On July 2nd, 2008, ShackintheMountains said:

    I like that circle game.  I’ll keep in mind for our next birthday party.  Musical chairs just seems to end up with someone upset. 

    I hope Zane is feeling better with no more nasty diapers.  Poor mom!  Poopy diapers in a public place are never a fun time.

    I hope you’re feeling better, too!

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