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Weekends are better

7th January 2011

Weekends are better

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It is nice to be looking forward to the weekend instead of dreading it. When you are unemployed, the weekends stink because you have no hope of being called for an interview, and no money to do anything.

I am SO SO VERY ready for respite care to resume tonight. I really missed it over the holidays.

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  • Zane is 18 years, 7 months, and 8 days old
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  • Zora is 14 years, 7 months, and 12 days old
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  • Homeschool parent’s primer:

    Anyone who is more attentive to their child than I am is a “hover mother”.

    Anyone who is less attentive is selfish and neglectful.

    Anyone who imposes more rules on kids than we do is rigid and power tripping.

    Anyone who imposes less is spoiling the kids and being a doormat.

    Any homeschoolers who use more structure and curriculum than we do are control freaks.

    Any who use less are irresponsible.

    Any kid older than mine is “old enough to know better”.

    Until mine is that age, then “he’s just too little to know better”.
    — Kelly, from SM, a message board

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