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I am the Great Cornholio

20th June 2009

I am the Great Cornholio

#171: I am the Great Cornholio.

Who needs alcohol when you have a weird sense of humor and an insane catalog of pop culture in your head.

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19th June 2009

A fairy tantrum (and some body art)

project365 #170: A fairy tantrum.

A better shot of her body art.

She was particularly proud of her hand.

Zane had his own art to show off, a Mario style mushroom he made on his arm.

And, time to clean up, with gusto and giggles.

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18th June 2009

Happy Drawing

project365 #169: Happy Drawing
Zane made Zach a Father’s Day card. On the outside he wrote “Happy Father’s Day” and this is the inside. The drawings are from stick figure videos that the two of them watch.

And one from Zora that would have made me really happy if it had been on paper. It did make me smile, and I will hold off on the Magic Eraser for a while I think.

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18th June 2009

Remember getting the Sears catalog?

For you young ‘uns who grew up after this great American tradition ended, let me just say that getting the Sears catalog in the mail was thrilling. It was poured over, things circled, and used as a reference point for the Christmas list. It was a yearly ritual everybody looked forward to. Now, as a homeschooler, I have the modern day replacement to that ritual…the arrival of the new Rainbow Resources catalog. Zach set it on my desk and I felt that same giddy feeling that I used to get seeing the Sears Catalog arrive. The same studying and circling and wishing will happen with this, but I just wish there was a Santa for grown-ups to help make the list come true. lol.

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17th June 2009

Zora at ST

#168 Zora at ST. It was her second week. She is still pretty shy, but during one of the reward sections (putting together a princess puzzle) I was able to snap a few pictures. She worked on “sp” blends today. There is already improvement.

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16th June 2009

project365 #167 Summertime

#167 Summertime

And more…

Zane started out filling his own bucket of water, but when Zora heard the excitement and came out, he helped her fill up her bucket.

Not long after, we heard the neighbors going outside to their little pool, and Zora and the neighbor boy, H, heard each other, which naturally led to them wanting to play together, so she donned her suit and happily joined him, leaving Zane to his happy, content self in the backyard.

When did he get such long legs?

Confirmation that he has grown. A lot.

Zora still hanging out with neighbor boy H. She ended up eating Sloppy Joes at his house before coming back home. She has so much fun with him.

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16th June 2009

A little ST

I really love the summer session. The are doing another friendship group thing, with two ASD kids and two peer models. Zane really needs this, and I am fairly happy with how it is going so far. Today, during the circle/story time, when asked how he could make a friend feel better, Zane said “give them some candy” (I actually think he said “my candy”, but not sure). He is participating in a more meaningful way and I am happy to see it.

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16th June 2009

Reading classic books…Catcher in the Rye.

That was several hours I will never get back.

The first part of the book kept my attention, mostly because I was shocked at the amount of cussing in a book with that old of a publication date, especially one that makes the “classics” list so many times. (However, the “banned” book lists do make a lot more sense) On the postive side, it is a great example of an anti-hero (if I am pulling the right term out of my brain), it has a very distinctive “voice”, and one of the clearest examples of an unreliable narrator. It is rather annoying and depressing to read though, at least as an adult. I probably would have thought it to be deep and insightful as a late teen, but it would not have been a good book for me to read at that age. I saw it described as one of the best books written on teenage angst…after reading it, I would say less “angst” and more “mental illness”.

Most of the time, after reading a book, I really wish I could sit down with the author and talk about the book and life in general. I have less than ZERO interest in ever meeting Salinger. I bet he is a less than easy person to be around.

The lesson here: not all classics are really worth the effort.

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15th June 2009

Cookie Road

Sometimes those “on a whim” purchases end up being the most used toys. These suckers are used daily by Zora, and now she has found yet another use for them. “Cookie Road”.

She often drags us downstairs to play “pretend cookies” (as opposed to making real cookies), where she pretends to bake them, then serve them with coffee or chocolate milk. She also plays the games that come with them. They are amazingly durable and pretty realistic looking. They have also served the primary purpose, of teaching her shapes while we are playing.

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15th June 2009

Caught the Cute

#166 Caught the Cute

And one more of the Zanester

Of course, I couldn’t forget Zora cuteness too.

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