29th January 2010

Snow Day!

Snow, beautiful snow. Zach went out to shovel and Zora wanted to go outside too. She got dressed in time to help him sprinkle ice melt stuff onto the drive. Her choice of snow gear had me giggling too. (It isn’t bitterly cold and she wasn’t out there for long, so I didn’t battle for gloves)

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13th January 2010

Buh Bye

Late Morning



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11th January 2010

Snow Family having a bad day

The temperatures are rising and it is the beginning of the end for our snowman family.

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1st January 2010

Happy New Year!

The new year dawns, and it is a gray day.  A good day, but very gray outside.

Our snow family hasn’t melted, and they still have their hats.  lol.

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31st December 2009

The last day of 2009, the Snow Family celebrates.

A happy, not-too-cold, winter afternoon with our newly created snow family.  Zora left the family with hats the night before (not her’s, but Zane’s hat that I knitted), and was dismayed when there was no hat on him in the morning (we took it back inside to keep the birds from flying off with it).  So, she made snow hats for them.  Zane brought out a carrot to complete one of the snowmen, and then both of them played and made new, little snow men (with hats).

A satisfying end to 2009.

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30th December 2009

Building a Snowman

In the evening Zora got Zach to help her build a snowman.  It turned into a snowman family.

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24th December 2009

Snow Day! Christmas Eve Day

20 minutes to get bundled up

7 minutes playing

wet snowy clothes strung throughout the house

good memories

no more asking to play in the snow (for a few hours at least)

Attempted snow angels.

Mom realizing that they mostly outgrew their coats since the “try on the winter coats” this fall.

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28th January 2009

Car Shaped Snow

#28 “Car Shaped Snow” The sun came out and melted off the snow, but the shadows were still cool enough to slow down the melt.

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16th December 2008

End of last week: winter weather and crafty fun

In Speech Therapy this week he decorated cookies. He specified that he wanted the tree for himself, the reindeer for Zora, the bell for Daddy, and the snowman for me.

We had snow, but it warmed up enough that they could go stomp around in the melting snow the next day. (wouldn’t be able to do that now, way too cold)

Saturday was the last week of the semester at Exploration Place. It was a Christmas Party and the kids all added some decorations to a big gingerbread house that would be on display, made sparkly Christmas Tree crafts, Rang bells, and the story was the Nativity Story.

Zane’s tree

The last few weeks, when we go from the room to the carousel, Zora has been holding hands with the other little kids. It is really cute to see the little lines of kids holding hands.

Much anticipated carousel rides

Going home

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23rd February 2008

Let it Snow!

It snowed this evening, but since it is forcasted to be 50 degrees tomorrow, we made sure the kids got out there to enjoy it, even if it was getting a bit dark outside.  The flakes were big, fluffy and white.  I love snow like that.

x2008-02-23 008.jpg

x2008-02-23 020.jpg

x2008-02-23 022.jpg


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