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Tuesday June 13, 2006

13th June 2006

Tuesday June 13, 2006

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Grandpa and Grandma Z sent some dvds to the kids.  Zane was really excited to see mail with his name on it!  Here are a few shots of the kids enjoying the videos with my mom.

x2006-06-12 19-13-06 

x2006-06-12 19-18-51 

x2006-06-12 19-19-08 

x2006-06-12 19-20-48 

x2006-06-12 19-22-22 


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  1. 1 On June 14th, 2006, tatiana622 said:

    So cute! I love the one with him kissing the baby’s head…very sweet, and totally reminds me of my girls when they were younger.

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