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Thursday July 13, 2006

13th July 2006

Thursday July 13, 2006

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 Zora’s 6 month appointment has been moved back.  My regular ped, who is fairly mainstream, but I still like her, is on maternity leave.  When the kids were sick I called her to ask if I could give Zora some antihistamine because she had so much spit/snot/slobber that I had to suction out her mouth for her to latch on and she was having problems maintaining a latch.  I knew that if she didn’t eat, she was going to go downhill fast, so I was trying to get the obstacle to nursing out of the way so she didn’t get more sick.  Instead of answering my question she immediately told me that I could just pump while she was sick and give her pedialite instead.  _eyebrow  I told her that she is exclusively breastfed and there is no way her first food is going to be pedialite.  She went on about how important it is to make sure she isn’t dehydrated and that I should give her pedialite so I know how much she is eating. _banghead  Uh…can we all say NO FLIPPIN’ WAY YOU TOTAL MORON!  I finally got a dosage out of her for some antihistamine.  Oy vey.  I know that a lot of moms who read me probably wouldn’t agree with the antihistamine either, but I felt like a little bit of meds would prevent much more serious problems, so I took that route.  

After I hung up, I really got more pissed as I thought about the ‘advice’.  She wanted me to stop nursing, which provides not only nutrition and fluids, but immune boosters that would help fight the illness and put her on a cow’s milk based product that has no immune factors, and is dairy so it makes congestion worse.  That sounds like advice that would have easily resulted in a very sick kiddo and a hospital stay.  _irked Jimmeny Cricket, that sounds like the height of stupidity.  The next day I called and moved my appointment back to after my doctor gets back from maternity leave.  She is already quite familiar with my stance on breastfeeding and infant nutrition.  (delaying solids due to family history of allergies)

I am so thankful she didn’t get more sick because I have a feeling I would have been in a major battle with the replacement doctor.  There would have been fireworks in the emergency room.  lol.

eta:  it was my ped’s sub that this took place with and her sub i was supposed to see for the check up.  i moved the appt. back to go to my regular ped.  zora is healthy now now.  this happened last weeek but it was still bugging me so i wrote about it last night.  i would have syringe fed if it would have lasted any longer (I had to do that those first days and I still have the stuff to do it).  I hate my pump and it doesn’t do a very good job so it was really a last resort before taking her in. Thankfully, a dose of antihistamine every once in a while when she was having problems was enough to fix the obstacles. 


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  1. 1 On July 13th, 2006, Overproducktion said:

    i am SO sorry! how frustrating and sad that a dr. would recommend that. Breastmilk vs. Pedialyte? It doesn’t even compare! The breastmilk rehydrates, nourishes, and protects baby. lol…you should be the one educating her.  = ) I hope baby feels better soon.

  2. 2 On July 13th, 2006, bionicsquirrel said:

    There is an article in this month’s Mothering that talks about this very scenario. 

    Speaking of this, today I was at the hospital with a client who was having nursing problems.  When she asked about specifics to help her, all the LC said was to let her know if she was feeling like things weren’t going well and she would bring a feeding cup in to supplement.  Aargh!

  3. 3 On July 13th, 2006, xooscarlettoox said:

    I  totally agree with you! BUT, Pedialite is like a water based thing with electrolites (spelled wrong I know).. I think you are thinking Pediasure :)

  4. 4 On July 13th, 2006, ShackintheMountains said:

    Breastmilk….pedialite (or pediasure)….breastmilk….pedialite…..I cannot even frikin believe your ped suggested you stop nursing and give pedialite.  Sure, and while you’re at it why don’t you stop feeding Zane fruit and just go for those fruit gels (Ninja turtle shaped ones should be great!).  After all it’s easier and less messy.  **rolls eyes**

    When Boo had RSV and had trouble nursing there was a 12 hour period where I had to pump and syringe feed her so she didn’t have to suck.  It’s what kept us out of the hospital.  The ped would have admitted her if she couldn’t nurse and wouldn’t syringe feed.  Hopefully it won’t come to that but if you get desperate.

    I hope Zora feels better soon!

  5. 5 On July 13th, 2006, fromscatteredtribe said:

    :( breastmilk is a LIVING fluid filled with immunities and extra-absorbale-water and love.

    pedialyte is sugar-water with colors and flavors and made by formula company…..

    no comparison. go with your gut!!!

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