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STRESS. A very Autistic moment.

24th January 2011

STRESS. A very Autistic moment.

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This morning at the YMCA, while I was trying to wedge Zora’s feet into her tap shoes Zane disappeared. He hasn’t done that in years. I went to see if he went to the bathroom, ended up getting a staff member to check for me because he would answer (not unusual), but he wasn’t there. ┬áThen the staff joined in the search, and his ST happened to walk in the door for her workout and said she hadn’t seen him outside, so I ran back to where I started and saw him through the windows in Kid Zone. He apparently wandered in there when they were slammed and hadn’t had time to notify anybody yet. I thanked them for keeping him there, because me panicking and him safe was SO much better than him wandering around the facility. I decided to forgo the cardio workout and go home after her lesson. lol.

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