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Friday September 23, 2005

23rd September 2005

Friday September 23, 2005

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The night turned out ok in the end, but the babysitting part was rough.  She left a bottle of formula “just in case” (which was nice…she knew I had problems with formula and didn’t want me to have to make any if he got hungry again).  I could smell the formula sitting on my kitchen table.  (Zach assured me it was just my pregnant nose because he couldn’t smell it even when he lifted it up and put it to his nose).  So, I am smelling formula, then the baby spits up curds of formula, and in the same breath, Zane pooped.  I ran into the other room, but it was too late.  I barely made it into the bathroom in time to hit the toilet and empty my stomach.  Zach handled the puke and poop so that both were cleaned up by the time I got back from the bathroom.  (I married a great guy, I gotta tell ya)  Zach also handled feeding the baby when he got hungry later.  (across the room and facing away from me so I couldn’t smell it as bad and couldn’t see any spit up).  She came home just after he started the bottle.  Whew!

They invited us to join them at Hooters to split up an order of hot wings.  Amazingly, that sounded great to me.  (only a pregnant woman will get sick at formula, then want hot wings. lol)  The boys kept a good conversation going while nibbling on fries, and the grown-ups ate hot wings.  It was a fun evening.  We finished the evening by sitting out on the porch, watching our kids play around.  It ended up really nice.

The bonus part…we had put together the lasagna (sans crabmeat AND spinach, because Zach forgot both) but just put it in the fridge.  Tomorrow all we have to do to eat is dump a bag of salad, and put the lasagna in the oven.  Easy peasy and very yummy.  Yeah!

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  1. 1 On September 23rd, 2005, bionicsquirrel said:

    So, what is her dh like when out and about?  Does he get along with you guys?  Sounds like if you all are eating out together, that he must not know that he is such a jerk.  hmmm.

  2. 2 On September 23rd, 2005, that_0n3_g1rl said:

    It sounds like you had a good time. And I don’t know about her situation (obviously) but some people can’t breastfeed for different reasons. I am sure you probably know that, and if so, sorry. :( I wish I could have some hot wings! Hope you have a good day!

    God bless you and yours,


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