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Thursday September 29, 2005

29th September 2005

Thursday September 29, 2005

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My Neighbor got Bad News

I am stunned.  She found out today she does have heart problems.  She doesn’t understand the dx very well, so she couldn’t explain it very well.  There is some sort of valve problem, it doesn’t beat steady enough, and is the wrong size (she doesn’t know if that is too large or two small).  From my limited personal knowledge, I would guess too large, but that is more because I guess her heart is having to work harder than normal and has enlarged as a result, but I really don’t know. 

I called my SIL today.  She has also been a heart patient since her late teens/early 20s and is a nurse.  She was busy when I called, but took down Ann’s (not her real name, but I am tired of always saying ‘neighbor gal’) phone number to call her back.  Besides the heart problems, they also share a love of sports, automotive stuff (both like fixing cars), and Nascar (although they root for rival drivers).  Maybe they will be able to make a connection.  At the very least, maybe Ann won’t feel quite so alone with this one.  I can identify easily with the gynecological problems, but the heart problems is really out of my scope of experience. 

She is very much in shock.  I wish I knew what to do to help her, but I doubt there is much other than just listening.  I am so sad for her.

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