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Friday September 30, 2005

30th September 2005

Friday September 30, 2005

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I love cooler weather!  I have so much more energy and life just seems more peaceful when I am not sweating and hot all the time.  My house is cleaner & I made a big pot of potato, green beans, carrot & ham soup today and then brownies for dessert.  My house smells so good and cozy now.  I am achy from the efforts of the day, but it is a good “I feel like I accomplished something” ache instead of the icky “too hot to feel like doing anything but sleeping” of the past few months.  I could never move farther south.  lol.  I would never accomplish anything.   I am just not built for warm weather.

My mom called tonight.  My SIL got the job she was wanting.  She will make as much as my brother now, and probably actually take home more since he has insurance and such deducted from his check.  She is going to have to hire a manager for the store now, but will still come out way ahead.  I am really happy for her.  The job sounds like a great fit for her.

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  1. 1 On September 30th, 2005, ladyjabez said:

    I love the cooler weather too….. all the fun things happen in the fall…. pumpkin patches to visit before Halloween…. then trick-or-treating…. then Thanksgiving… then Christmas!  Oh, so much to look forward to!

  2. 2 On October 1st, 2005, Thia7278 said:

    Fall is my favorite season as well!  I like having energy again!

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