31st October 2010


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This year Zora wanted to go as a ladybug

So, here is the ladybug:

Zane wanted to go as “Toad”.  Not like a frog, but the character on Mario Bros.

This guy

So, here is Toad:

“OK kids, let’s take some pictures before we go…”

We headed out to the College Hill area, an area in town they block off the streets and the residents go to a lot of extra effort to decorate all out.  It is AWESOME.  It is like the most ideal, idyllic Halloween trick or treating scene ever.  We love it and are so thankful for the residents who go to the effort.  Our neighborhood is not conducive to ToTing, so this is fun.

We met up with Robert’s family and ran into several other families we know there.

The kids even made the news. Zora is at 1:43 (near the end), and you can see the rest of us in the background as she runs down the walk, shouting her “thank you” over her shoulder. When the newscaster comes back at the end she says “Love that little ladybug girl”, which puts a big grin on Zora’s face every time she sees it.

Hope your Halloween was as sweet as ours was.

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