19th July 2010

Taste it

Like a lot of homeschool families, we don’t take off in the summer.  It allows us to take off more when the parks/museums/zoo ect aren’t as crowded when all of the other kids are in school.  Both of the kids have been on a “body” kick, and we seem to find a large amount of material that has continued to interest them, so we just keep going.

This book, From Head to Toe: The Amazing Human Body and How It Works, has been a fun resource this summer. It has good illustrations, fun text, and a bunch of easy to do experiments in it to help explain the content. We were sad to send it back to the library.

This is the experiment on taste, which involved simply putting different foods (salt, lemon juice, sugar, cocoa) in cups, then using cotton swabs to touch them to the tongue and describe the taste. After the initial experiment, they also experimented with mixing the tastes and trying that too. Simple, effective, fun.

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