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Chillin’ with the kids

16th July 2010

Chillin’ with the kids

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When we play the Wii as a family (which consists of 2 of the 4 of us actually having remotes because one is missing, and one is broken.  We suspect the same former guest at our house is responsible for both incidences), we make sure each kid gets to play something they like, and are trying to get them to play together nicely.  Zane listened, because this time we played every time she got stuck he had his character go back, pick her up, and carry her with him.  It was sweet to see him find a solution that made everybody happy without us prompting it.

Lego Fun.

There is a little kid buried inside of me that had to work hard to resist the urge to get annoyed that my neat little patterns were getting messed up by my sweet little helper.  (yeah, just a little OCD here)

He said he was making an airport

and she suddenly is starting to look older to me.

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