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Friday November 25, 2005

25th November 2005

Friday November 25, 2005

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I guess we are having roast for dinner.  Three little roasts (I cut up ‘normal’ size roasts into much smaller portions so that I can make a ton of veggies with them in my pot and stretch the roast more). 

“Somebody” discovered the dial in the refrigerator with the numbers on it to adjust the temp and turned it to “off”  

 Luckily, we used most of the hamburger already, so we only lost about 1/4-1/2 a pound of that, but about the only thing in our freezer that wasn’t totally dethawed were the roasts.  The majority of stuff in our fridge will be ok too I think.  There wasn’t a ton there in the first place, but cheese, butter, and sauces (mustard, soy sauce, ect) can take a day of not being totally cold and still survive.  I will be doing a lot of sniffing for freshness in the coming weeks before I use anything though.  Nothing was up to room temperature yet, just not as cold as normal. 

So, do stir-fry veggies go with roast?  lol.  All my broth is gone, as are the few frozen entrees, but it could have been worse.  If it would have been two weeks ago after Mom took us to Sams it would have been much worse, but we have gone through most of the stuff other than the roast, and they are still salvageable.  Ugh.  It might not have been a lot, but with our food stamps so low, it really sucks still. 


edited to add…man, this post makes me sound like a major carnivore. lol.  We actually use meat fairly sparingly and as an accent to the meal, but that is why it is almost all in the freezer.  We get things in bulk and split it into a lot of small packages to use.  My freezer is mostly meat, frozen veggies (although there weren’t a lot left this time) and broths (I make stock pots of chicken & vegetable broths and freeze them because I am allergic to onions and can’t buy most canned broths for quick meals without onions).  I think the broths & the ’scraps to use in broths’ bags are the most frustrating for me because it takes a lot of time to build up a supply to make broth I can eat.

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There are currently 3 responses to “Friday November 25, 2005”

  1. 1 On November 25th, 2005, My_Drewbears said:

    i was reading you info on the ap ring, i too am a bit crunchie i suppose. :o)

  2. 2 On November 25th, 2005, gentlemom said:

    Oh no!!  “somebody”  I love that!  LOL 

  3. 3 On November 25th, 2005, juliepersons said:

    Oh, that’s rotten! (no pun intended)


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