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Monday November 28, 2005

28th November 2005

Monday November 28, 2005

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My first phone call today got me all excited.  My neighbor called and was annoyed because it was snowing.  First snowfall of the winter!  So I open up the door to look outside, expecting to see a winter wonderland.  I saw a gray day.  It took me a minute to even see the snow falling, and another bit to determine that it was falling and not just dusting around.  We had ’snow dust’, not actual snow.  Last night she had called to tell us that we were expecting a blizzard and better run to the store before we got snowed in.  I didn’t really watch the weather, but I knew that Western Kansas was getting nailed, so it seemed reasonable.  Nope.  You couldn’t even see any white on anything unless you looked closely.

I understand that not everybody likes snow.  I don’t like driving in it either, but I love the way it makes everything look.  Plus, we live in town, so it is a rare thing that snow actually causes us to be ’snowed in’, so it doesn’t really change our lives much other than slowing down and making sure to have warm coats and some food and water in the car when we do go out.  It will be a little scary to go to the Dr. if there is storm during that time.  That requires us to get out on the interstate…not my favorite place to be in bad weather. 

I don’t understand how somebody who has lived in Kansas most of their life can be so out of sorts over such a non-event.  I asked Zach when he came home tonight if it really interfered with driving.  He said that it only was a bother when the wind picked up because it would cause viability to go down a bit, but not much.  The wind was more of a hassle than the snow.  Our neighbor was acting like it was the “Long Winter” from the Little House series.  Ugh.

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  1. 1 On November 29th, 2005, bionicsquirrel said:

    I love The Long Winter.

    Your neighbor must be a bad driver already and doesn’t want the “snow” complicating things.  I loved today, so cold and crisp and beautiful. Happy first day of snow.

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