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Tuesday: Oma Day

2nd March 2010

Tuesday: Oma Day

Tuesday was packed with activity.  The day started with Zora at preschool (as usual) and Zane doing a bunch of literacy/comprehension testing (not usual).  Since both kids were occupied, and mom was slated to come up that day, she came early so that we could go out for breakfast (very unusual).  It was a really fun morning for us.  A wonderful, relaxing breakfast, followed by some quick shopping, then back to pick up the kids.

Zane requested Ci-Cis for lunch, and since he had worked so hard all morning, we went there over Zora’s objections (she wanted McDonalds…for the playground.  Zane doesn’t like McDs burgers and Zora often requests Ci-Cis herself, so he won this round).  Both ate well, then, in reverse of the normal procedure, Zane and my mom went to play (Exploration Place) and Zora went with me.  I had a WIC appointment to get that reinstated and she had to come with me.  The appointment took most of the afternoon, most of it in waiting rooms.  She was a trooper though.  She didn’t even cry when they did the iron test (finger prick) and it was almost alien for me to have a child that easily followed directions (like where to stand to weighing and measuring).

By the time we got out of our WIC appointment, Mom and Zane were leaving Exploration Place to come back to our side of town for some ice cream at Braums.  Zora and I picked up Zach and met her there.  Zora wanted chocolate chip ice cream, Zane wanted birthday cake flavor and orange sherbet.  Zach was in the middle of a project at home, but he stayed long enough to eat and socialize a little before heading back home to finish up his project on the computer.  (he met us later at swim lessons).

Here is Zora right after showing us where she got her finger prick, and not quite sure why the adults started laughing like 12 yo boys when she enthusiastically showed us her finger.

After a while, Zane picked up the camera.  Here are some of his photos:

And then Zora wanted a turn:

And me, from my cell phone

We had so much fun, but the adults were WORN OUT by the end of the day.

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