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Happy Valentine’s Day

15th February 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

Zora’s valentine’s cards

Flowers from Zach and the kids :love2:

The cards Zora handed out.  She wanted the “teasing cards”.  (they change pictures when you move them)  She carefully chose stickers to put on each card and attached each to a little packed of conversation hearts.  (nerdy mom thought “conversation” hearts were a very appropriate gift for a speech therapy preschool.  lol)

The cards Zane handed out.  He also put stickers on his cards and attached conversation hearts.  He deliberately chose the ones that said “You’re a good Fur-iend” for the boys in his Friendship Group (social skills group), and the “You’re a Cool Cat” for Terese.  I think he had the “I smell a Valentine”  for Diane, and I can’t remember what he chose for Rosie any more.  (I probably have pictures of  the actual cards sent out, but they are trapped on the defunct hard drive).  I thought it was interesting that he loved this pack so much…there was no debate, once he saw these, he wouldn’t even consider any others.

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