7th January 2010


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A few hours after the previous post, Zach found out he was going to be unemployed again.

Although it isn’t good news, and the actual work he did was good and he enjoyed learning new systems and improving his skills, the work culture was terrible and we won’t miss the stress that caused.  Working with a bunch of (married) guys who talk endlessly about how much they are irritated by their families, who they want to sleep with given the opportunity, sports, slamming current and past employees, passing around old (often offensive) YouTube videos and internet “jokes” (and thinking they are new, PLUS, nobody else is allowed access to do this and they pride themselves on shutting down anybody who tries), and a workaholic manager who’s sole personality trait seemed to be “angry little man” (even with it wasn’t something to be angry about) it really isn’t much of a loss.  And really, why would IT guys complain about coworkers who aren’t computer savvy.  Isn’t that why they have jobs?  “Not a Good Fit” (official reason) is the understatement of the year.  There was no way he was going to “join in” in such negative conversations.  (and no, I am not mentioning the company’s name, so please don’t ask)

Plus, we get to spend more time together, which is always nice.  Our house will get cleaner, and we will be able to do more things, like using our membership to Exploration Place, etc.

He has been interviewing through much of his time there, and although nothing has come up yet, we are hopeful.  It is heartening to see a 10-fold improvement in the number of jobs out there compared to this last summer.  We expect to get unemployment, and we have the craptastic health insurance through the end of January (plus a medical flex spending account), so we will be doing lots of dr. appointments next week for the adults.  (Zane has insurance on his own, and we should be able to get it for Zora without a problem…before this job, it was just held up because I hadn’t sent in the birth certificate yet).

So, I am a little stressed, but have faith that it will work out for the better in the end.  It is just going to be a rough patch right now.

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