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Saturday March 19, 2005

19th March 2005

Saturday March 19, 2005

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Spring Break!

Our vacation week begins.  Zach was actually out of classes yesterday, but was working on some online assignments and tests, so it wasn’t really a vacation yet. 

Our plans for the week:

  1. get the house clean so we can enjoy the week more
  2. get laundry done…aren’t fishing for clothes
  3. get some movies to watch in the evenings
  4. go to the Zoo for a day
  5. check out some local parks
  6. go to Exploration Place
  7. on Monday, I go to the funeral while Zach & Zane play at the farm, then go to Hutch’s Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center. 
  8. maybe go to the train store so Zane can watch all the little trains for a while (maybe pick up a piece for his Thomas set since it is kind of rude to go to a store and not buy anything but spend time looking at trains..lol)
  9. check out some of the museums in Old Town…I think there is a ‘transportation museum’ that features train stuff.  There is also an aviation museum, and ‘world treasures’ (or something like that) that has mummies and such.  depends on whether Zane can deal with looking and not destroying.
  10. knit, knit, knit. 

Right now, I need to take some Ibuprophen so I can get started on the week.  It sucks being a woman sometimes.  Right now about the only activity that appeals to me is sitting on the couch watching movies. lol


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  1. 1 On March 19th, 2005, home.aspx?user=mamafish said:

    oh man I hear ya, IB is the only thing that ever gets me through those times…lots and lots of it.

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