20th October 2009


In OT today Zane took the “Oops” PEC card velcro’ed to the OT’s computer (he is working on typing) and put it upside down, then giggled and said “Oops!”

Which reminds me….

Last Saturday, at the ROCKO event, when they were playing outside a ball got stuck in a tree. Zane noticed it and Terese was trying to get him to have a conversation about the ball. He misinterpreted what she was saying, took a ball and walked to a shorter tree and proceeded to work to get it stuck in the tree too. She then had to tell him to not do that, and he turned to her and said “Ball stuck in tree all done?” Yes Zane, all done. Such a Zane-ism.

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  1. 1 On October 20th, 2009, Carrie Hahn said:

    I love it!

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