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Friday March 25, 2005

25th March 2005

Friday March 25, 2005

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Zane seems to be doing better with his hair.  Last night he actually attempted to cut it himself, so I think his fear of the scissors it gone, which I am really glad about.  Zach also discovered that if he ruffled the front of the hair to make it look spikey it looks a lot better…so we might actually go get a little bit of mouse or gel so it holds that shape.  It sort of had that D.J. Conner (from the Rosanne show) look to it. lol.

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  1. 1 On March 25th, 2005, home.aspx?user=djarczyk said:

    LOL.  Glad to hear it.

  2. 2 On March 28th, 2005, home.aspx?user=songanddance said:

    Oh my God—-Jennifer, I’m going to kidnap you and take you to Vegas. Auntie Von

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