17th October 2009


On Saturday we participated in ROCKO’s respite care for the kids. For four hours, the kids were doing crafts, playing games, and otherwise being entertained. So, we went on an actual DATE! We went to see “Fame”, which was fabulous (and satisfied the kid in me that was so upset that I couldn’t see it as a kid, owned and memorized the record of the soundtrack, and watched the TV show faithfully). It was the first time I ever saw dancing on a movie screen too, so that was very cool to me. After the movie we went to TGIFridays and split a burger and fried green beans, then went to retrieve the kids.

They both had a ball. We got to pick up just a little early, and the last half hour they basically ran the kids so they would be calm and tired when the parents picked them up. YEAH! Zora actually fell asleep on the way home. :)

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