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Wednesday June 8, 2005

8th June 2005

Wednesday June 8, 2005

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Grandma to the Rescue!

Mom came today.  She brought entertainment for Zane and kept him busy all day having a lot of fun.  She also did a lot of dishes and laundry and cleaned for me.  My house is so much better now.  What an angel!

The galvanized tubs she brought from were originally from each of my Grandparent’s farms.  I thought that was pretty neat.

(no, he is not naked.  I just happened to choose pictures where it is hard to tell)


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  1. 1 On June 9th, 2005, home.aspx?user=feebeeglee said:

    So incredibly CUTE!

  2. 2 On June 9th, 2005, home.aspx?user=intensity_too said:

    Hey Jenn, I was just wondering what kind of camera you have.  Your pictures always look so clean and crisp.

    What a cutie.  Those will be pictures to treasure for years :)

  3. 3 On June 9th, 2005, home.aspx?user=Jennifer_Z said:

    A Kodak dx3600 digital cmera.  It is a few years old and you can find them on ebay now for pretty cheap.  I don’t have the dock with it, but they are compatible with one of the first docks.  Overall, I have been really pleased with the camera, but there is a second or two delay between pressing the button and when the picture is taken.  It means that I have a LOT of ‘back of he head’ type shots. lol.  However, being digital, I can take a lot and just don’t use the wierd pictures.

  4. 4 On June 10th, 2005, home.aspx?user=Jfers_mom said:

    We did have a wonderful time. He wasn’t too sure at first, but he didn’t take long to enjoy himself. I’d also like to point out that he DID have his little bottom covered, it just doesn’t show that on these pix.

    I love his giggle, and as the pix show, he did do some giggling. He has grown up so much!

    I’m looking forward to doing that again, if you’ll have me.

  5. 5 On June 11th, 2005, home.aspx?user=julielenore said:

    Those pics are adorable, I used to do that when I was a kid at my grandmas house.  I have one of those tubs, but it is full annuals.

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