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Monday June 27, 2005

27th June 2005

Monday June 27, 2005

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Great Day Today!

We finally saw Star Wars today!  We have free passes that Zach won from work 6 months ago, but we had to wait until we could use them on the movie.  (it was ‘no free passes’ for quite a while).   It was SO GOOD!  Zach and I are thinking about breaking out the Star Wars IV-VI to watch tonight.  lol.  Of course, we have to get Zane interested in something to do that because it is too much for him.  I guess we will see. 

Mom got him a set of washable markers from Sams…it had 4 different boxes of markers in it and she got him three coloring books. Ever since mom left, he has been at his table coloring.  It is cute.  He is really liking the markers.  Mom said that he played really great for the first bit, but then she made a short trip to the bathroom, in in those 2-3 minutes, he fell asleep.  lol.  She couldn’t get him to wake up.  Zach & I both laughed…if he is ready to sleep, there is no stopping him, and if he doesn’t want to wake up, he simply won’t and NOTHING will wake him up.  

*sigh*  There is nothing that quite equals the sound of the Star Wars music as the movie opens.  Sends chills up my spine.

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  1. 1 On June 27th, 2005, Jfers_mom said:

    I thought you’d get a kick out of a couple of the things that Zane did while you were gone.

    I was coloring a section of a picture and Zane was watching about 6″ from the picture, intent on what I was doing. I finished the section and he turned his head, looked me in the eye, smiled and said, “Very good, Grandma!” I could barely keep from laughing.

    Another ‘game’ we played was on his ‘puter. It was a Dora one, where he clicked on the letter and it showed up above and said the letter. He grinned, started the alphabet by clicking ABCDEFG, then (you could see his mind working) went way over and clicked ‘J’. Then we said ‘Nooooo’, and he hit the ‘erase’ button and corrected it.  Then he would do it again and again. I had the feeling he had played that game before.  That one, and the rocks in the stream and I said ‘Oops’ and he would laugh sooo hard. We had a lot of fun, until he pulled a quick sleep thing on me.  I’m glad to hear he is enjoying the markers. We had some good laughs. He’s a sweetheart!!!

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