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Experiencing technical difficulties

25th September 2009

Experiencing technical difficulties

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Sorry about the lack of posts. First my camera broke, which was depressing. Then we got the camera fixed and the computer broke. lol. The computer itself is ok, but all my photos are on a separate drive and the USB hub, where it connects with the computer, is messed up. We *think* the drive itself is ok, although we aren’t positive, but we can’t access the drive right now without a big mess, so we have to go get a new part. Hopefully that will be soon. Zach got paid today and we will see if the budget allows this week, or if it will be in two weeks from now.

If I have time later tonight and/or this weekend, I will start posting again.

I didn’t realize how many people read this until it went down for a while. So, thank you for noticing little ‘ole me on the great big web. Made me feel good.

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