9th July 2009

Book Love

#190: Book Love. Both kids love to be read to, and through out the stay, Zandra obliged them with animated reading of stacks of books. This is one of the Todd Parr books Zane loves…about underwear. lol.

After reading the book “Muncha Muncha Muncha”, Grandma Zandra and Zane went outside to give our suburban (wild) rabbit a carrot to munch on. The rabbit hangs out by the fence door in the shade these days.

Takes “Muncha Muncha Muncha” outside to read again.

A family that reads together…

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  • Zane's age

  • Zane is 18 years, 6 months, and 16 days old
  • Zora's age

  • Zora is 14 years, 6 months, and 20 days old
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  • A wise man once told me that we are all God in drag. I like that. Sometimes when I’m in a public place or sitting at a stop light, I’ll watch people walking by and I’ll silently say to myself, “He’s God. She’s God. He’s God. She’s God.” Before long I always find myself feeling a warm sense of affinity for these strangers. The experience is even more powerful when I do this while observing a person who is clearly suffering. On occasion I’ll test my little spiritual practice by turning on Fox News. Within minutes I become an atheist. — Chuch Lorre Productions, #240

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