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Friday July 22, 2005

22nd July 2005

Friday July 22, 2005

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The day around my Dr. appointment now.

The really good news:  our air conditioner was fixed!  Yeah!  I was SO tired of being hot.  We were almost late to our appt. because the maintenance guys were just finishing up when we were trying to leave.  We didn’t get to experience any coolness before the appt, but we did set it to 70F before we left.

The ‘could have been worse, but still sucked’ news:  After the appt, we went across the road to an Arbys for some food.  In that short drive, our car’s temp went into the red.  The fan wasn’t running.  Mom called Dad drove up from the farm and repaired it in the parking lot.  It was in the 100s outside and the area we were in had no shade to speak of.  Our car is one of those that was definitely designed to make mechanics lots of money…everything is way too hard to get to and hard to replace. It was also not fun trying to keep Zane entertained for 3-4 hours while we were waiting.  It could have been so much worse though…if we would have just gone home, the car would have probably blown the engine and we would have been stuck out on the interstate, in over 100F, with a 3yo and pregnant person who has been on bedrest, and no cell phone.  That would have been much worse on almost every level.

Coincidentally, Mom & Dad’s A/C also went out so they had also been dealing with 85F inside the house.  She was early to the dr appt because she decided it would be much nicer to wait in an air conditioned waiting room.  lol.  Evidently, Zane wasn’t very happy when we went to the appt. this time.   

Upon returning home…at around 8:30pm (dr appt. was at 3:45), we opened the door and were hit with a heavenly blast of cold air.  It was cool and dark and quiet. We all ended up laying down for a while to recover from the heat.  Last night Zach cranked the A/C enough that I had to put a blanket over myself.  lol.  We were just so tired of weeks and weeks of never quite getting cool enough.  It was SO nice.  This morning, the maintenance guys returned and put up the ceiling fan over our table, so now we have good air circulation & better lighting to go along with our cool air.  Very nice!

Oh, yeah…Mom called last night and said that Dad was able to get the A/C fixed over there too, so she was finally getting cooled down too.

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  1. 1 On July 23rd, 2005, LynnE73 said:

    I’m glad baby growing is going well! I keep thinking about you and sending you positive thoughts. A/C is so heavenly, especially when you can hunker down under the covers!

  2. 2 On July 25th, 2005, bionicsquirrel said:

    Something is going on with air conditioners lately.  My mil’s air blew in her two cars, my van’s air is completely broken now after being on the fritz for a couple of months and the air at my job is broken, for 5 days now.  Something in the universe is trying to send us a message maybe.

    I am glad all is well with the pregnancy.  Wanted to tell you that I think we will be moving to Wichita soon, so maybe then we can finally hang out.

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