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Snowy Good Friday

10th April 2009

Snowy Good Friday

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#100 Good Friday Snow under the street light, early in the morning. The flakes were the size of ping pong balls and made the night look magical.

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  1. 1 On April 21st, 2009, Jaime said:

    What is a Kindle and do I need one???

  2. 2 Jennifer On April 21st, 2009, Jennifer said:


    The things I love about it
    - can store HUGE amounts of books on it.
    - can adjust the font size for my eyes (paperback books give me a headache these days)
    -no backlight (like the computer) = no glare. (although you might need a booklight if you read in low light situations)
    - ended the battle of keeping the bookmark in the book (Zora kept stealing them and I wasted a lot of time trying to find my place). It automatically brings the book up to the page you last read, forever.
    - can find a lot of public domain books, and the “regular” books are usually under $10 for the new releases. Pretend I didn’t say this, but I have heard you can find a lot of books on bit torrent sites.
    - although there is no “new book smell”, there is also no “old book smell” that makes me sneeze, even though I love the smell. lol.
    - if you buy a book from amazon, you can get it on the kindle in under a minute. if you turn off the wireless, the battery lasts a long, long time.

    Things I don’t like:
    - unlike your computer, where you can have file folders to organize everything, this just lists all of the files, with the most recently accessed first. It is likely there will be a hack to fix that later (there were for earlier versions), but it is new and I don’t know of any.
    - really too pricy for us, but with the upcoming trip it allows me to keep with the “no checked baggage” without sacrificing my most anticipated activity…reading, and reading and knitting. (I am working on converting some of my knitting patterns to files that I can put on there too, plus, I can prop it up and read while I knit because I don’t have to hold down pages in the wind).

    I lurve it. :love2: I carry it in my purse to therapy, read it while waiting in line, and have it next to me so I can grab when a child falls asleep in my lap. Very handy.

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