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Mischevium and SpuddyBuddy are hurting.

2nd April 2009

Mischevium and SpuddyBuddy are hurting.

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Some dear friends of mine (not using their real names in case they would prefer it that way), who supported us emotionally and helped financially during the rough time during Zora’s pregnancy, were set to give birth. In a horrible turn of events, their baby died shortly before labor. He was born still.

Like us, they had also undergone frustrating infertility. She was a nurse who worked in the NICU for years, supporting babies and their moms, and was such an incredibly valuable source of support for us when we had our own little one. She knew our needs before we did and I can’t tell you how much her support has made a difference in our lives.

I am so broken hearted for her and her husband. This is just so utterly unfair and horribly tragic.

This was her announcement at a mom’s board, where I met her.

Annoucing the passing and birth of Soren Emery…


My heart is completely broken. My son passed away a few days ago in utero, the NST I had on Friday was picking up my heart rate, not the baby’s. It’s a really long story that I just can’t bear to type out right now.

He was 6lbs,0oz 18 inches long and had dark hair like his daddy. 10 fngers and 10 toes. And he’s left a hole in my life that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fix.

I know she is taking an internet break right now, and not wanting to be on the phone, but just in case she stopped by (she is a blog regular, as I am a regular to her blog), I wanted her to know that she, her dh, and beautiful Soren will remain in my prayers. I am so deeply sorry my friend. ANY TIME you want to talk, you are free to call, IM, or email me.

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