30th November 2008

The tree

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Open the box, put on the hats

She was delighted when she saw the “Christmas Costumes”

Tree top

He wanted this up high, so Zora couldn’t reach it. I am just glad he decided this wasn’t a good idea instead of trying to lean over to put it on the tree from the top of the desk. lol.

Angel with the Angel

The season has officially begun!

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There are currently 4 responses to “The tree”

  1. 1 On December 2nd, 2008, Jenny said:

    wow. that family photo is definitely christmas card worthy. beautiful. :P

  2. 2 On December 2nd, 2008, feebee said:

    So cute. Esp. the Christmas Costumes.

  3. 3 On December 2nd, 2008, Jfers_ mom said:

    Re: last picture….I’d say “An Angel with an Angel with an Angel”
    I’m so proud that he is the daddy to my grandkids!


  4. 4 On December 3rd, 2008, Mia said:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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