27th November 2008

19 years ago

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-”Harlem Nights” was playing at Cinema’s East, which hasn’t existed for years and is now a bicycle shop.
-”Jimmy’s Diner” had burger baskets for about $2 each, and that still exists.
-Zach drove at night for the first time in a 1966 Mercedes Benz that blew a rod a few months later
-We had our first date

Love you honey. It’s been a blink. Really.

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There are currently 6 responses to “19 years ago”

  1. 1 On November 27th, 2008, spongebobscaredypants said:

    What a cute picture!!!
    My hubby and I just had our 16 year first date “anniversary” Time really flies by.

  2. 2 On November 27th, 2008, feebee said:

    Adorable. Here’s to as many and more years to come.

  3. 3 On November 28th, 2008, spongebobscaredypants said:

    this if off subject. sorry. do you know if amazon is having a huge sale this year like last? you told us about it, i think it was about 2 weeks before Christmas. I am going to try to hold out for that to do my shopping if they are doing that again. I had already done most of the shopping last year by the time that happened. I could have done every bit of shopping for very little money if I had shopped there for everything.

  4. 4 On November 28th, 2008, Jesse said:

    That is the cutest picture! :D Happy date anny :)

  5. 5 On November 30th, 2008, Dawn said:

    Hey! I remember those two wild and crazy kids!

  6. 6 On December 1st, 2008, Tiff said:

    Cute as can be!! You two are an inspiration as a couple – and as parents. :)

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