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Lunch, Soupy goodness

25th November 2008

Lunch, Soupy goodness

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Every once in a while lunch just comes together and I make healthy food good enough to actually enjoy. Today was such a day, so I figured I should write it down so I can try for a repeat sometime.

I think I ended up making something that resembles Borscht, but I have never eaten Borscht (because it always has onions in it and I am allergic to onions), so I can’t really judge if it actually tastes like Borscht, but it was tasty.

1 can of diced tomatoes, including liquid
1 can of shoestring beets, including liquid
1 can of black-eyed peas (well rinsed to make me easier to be around later)
a large half of a turnip green bunch (I just stuck them in the sink to rinse, then took them directly out of the colinder and tore them up and threw them on top until no more would fit)
about half an apple grated onto the top (ok, this was an afterthought. Zora left a half eaten apple on the table and I thought it might add some sweetness)
Later on, when I realized it looked like Borscht, I threw in a few glugs of vinegar, maybe a quarter to half a cup. I would guess that apple cider vinegar would be good, but I just used the plain stuff from my laundry shelf.
About half way through cooking, I added a layer of dill (probably 1-2 tsps)
a generous dash of cayenne pepper
a dash of margorham
a dash of ground cloves.

I have very little idea of how long it cooked (long enough for me to be on hold with our health insurance, the pharmacy, me to build a sand castle and play a short game of soccer…maybe an hourish, maybe more. I basically waited until the turnip greens were soft enough to chew through.

Zane, naturally, wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole, but Zora sat on my lap and ate half of my first bowl, declaring it “YUMMY!” (of course, if she would have had her own bowl, she wouldn’t have eaten it *sigh*). I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to make a vegan, healthy dish that I actually wanted “seconds” of. Cool beans.

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