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Saturday December 24, 2005

24th December 2005

Saturday December 24, 2005

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Jennifer is feeling extremely well.  She’s going to get solid food today and has gone to the bathroom unassisted.  Excellent!  The baby girl is doing very well, also.  She is a little jaundiced (sp?) and that’s being taken care of easily.   Nursing is great.  Jennifer told me that this experience is soooooooo much better than her previous one.  Her recovery is quickly progressing.

Zane’s temp broke and we both slept @8 hours.  He woke up without a fever. WOOO!  If Zane remains feeling better, I might convince her mother to switch places with me for a little bit so that I may visit.  I miss my wife and daughter a lot!  So happy that Zane is feeling better.  He’s in the other room playing and talking to his little people, after eating bananas, oranges, and fettucini noodles.  He misses his momma, as well.  I printed up some pictures of Jennifer for him.  “That’s momma”, he has told me several times.  Poor little guy.  Actually, he’s taking momma being away very well, considering he has been sick.  Had to take him to the store @3am for some child’s ibuprofin and cough medicine.  He perked up there, helping me carry the bananas.

I feel more rested today.  Maybe I’ll be able to prep the home for the home-coming.  In fact….I’m starting up some music and going to do some dishes.


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  1. 1 On December 25th, 2005, SouloG said:

    Sounds like you have it all handled well, Zach… You are such a terrific father!  Thanks for posting all the pics of your beautiful new daughter.  Enjoy this wonderful Christmas, and God Bless all of you.

  2. 2 On December 25th, 2005, mischievium said:

    I am so glad that Zane is feeling better and you two were able to get some sleep. I hope you guys (and your girls in the hospital, of course) have a nice Christmas day. :o)

  3. 3 On December 26th, 2005, Jessemommy said:

    Applause for the Awsome Dad!

    I’m glad to hear Zane is getting better and I !hope Jen and baby girl will be home soon!

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