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Family Photos from the funeral

28th October 2008

Family Photos from the funeral

We talked briefly with some other family members about making a place where we can all upload our photos together and share the pictures.

I made an account at Walgreens. The username is our last name, and the password is (the other) Jennifer’s maiden name followed by the number “1″ (you have to have both letters and numbers in the password).

I am just now starting to load pictures on there, so if you see this message right away, it might be empty, but there should be pictures there later today.

PLEASE feel free to add your pictures. That is what it is there for.

The username starts with a capital letter
The password does not.

Sorry if this caused confusion.

The pictures are all raw footage. I will be going through them and doing red eye corrections, etc. If you have one/some in particular that needs a bit of photoshop work, let me know and I will do that for you. I also just uploaded with the default settings. I don’t know if that means it is the original size, but if not, again, tell me and I can try again. I haven’t done this much, but I chose Walgreens because they actively support integrating autistic and developmentally delayed adults into the workplace and have a really high percentage of disabled workers.

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