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And, the results are in…

15th October 2008

And, the results are in…

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Neither of the kids need new coats this year. WooHoo! Zane still has the mittens and hat I knit him, and Zora will probably actually fit into her mittens that match her coat this year. I might knit a hat for Zora, but she does have a hood, so it isn’t pressing.

We will need new boots for each. I can’t find Zane’s old boots, and even if I could, I know we were broke broke broke when she was his age, so they probably were really cheap and likely not in good shape anyway.

We got Zora a pair of shoes last week from Target, so that she has something with closed toes, and she is wearing an 8.5 already. I am holding off on buying her much right now because she is eating anything not nailed down, cranky, and starting to get just a bit of a pudge, so I am expecting another growth spurt any day now. I suspect she will grow into 3T a little more solidly, but I want to hang out a bit and see if the prices go down a little more with all of the economy stuff going on.

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  1. 1 On October 22nd, 2008, Tiff said:

    Lilli’s growing out of size 5/6 stuff right now – I know that’s a long way off for Zora (but probably not as long as it seems!), but if you want I could start keeping a box of stuff to send to you in a couple of months… We don’t have any good winter stuff since, um, we don’t have much winter to speak of!
    I might even look around for shoes – Lilli has tiny feet and is only a size 11 right now.
    Anyway, let me know if you’re interested.

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