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Sunday at Church

30th September 2008

Sunday at Church

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First, gotta say, I love this new church. Sort of sad that I post less about church now that I am happy. Human nature I guess.

This Sunday the children’s choir sang. I was debating up until the last minute whether to go with Zane to the front or stay in the back. I want him to be able to handle it independently, but it really isn’t fair to him to have his first “being up front and singing” (well, on purpose at least) on the Sunday the church is as packed to the gills(the church’s 25th anniversary and they had special speakers, etc…there were people standing in the lobby when the seats ran out). So, I followed the group up there. Zane was on the end of the front row, so I could sit right up front (there is a banister in front of the front row of pews) that can sort of hide me, plus, the kids were up on the steps, so even when I was sitting down there, I wasn’t blocking anybody at all.

I wish I could say that all the work we did on the music (and all of hours of earworms for Zach and me) meant he just stood there and sang like everybody else (a mom can have fantasies, can’t I?), but I will say he didn’t run away, he stopped trying to blow out the alter candle once I told him to stop doing that (and the breath taking moment when he used the sheet music to “point” to the candle and was within an inch of catching it on fire…that caused my stealthy movements to change to a quick jump up. lol), he stayed in the same spot and only turned to the side a few times, and he did actually sing every once in a while (big YEAH! to that). He also didn’t flap or screech that I can recall, which he doesn’t do a lot normally, but can when he is overstimulated…so it was a big possiblity in this situation. He also smiled and seemed to really enjoy it, which made the whole thing worth it to me.

Overall, a success. Not a fireworks exploding success, but a great step never-the-less. I was literally dripping sweat by the time the kids walked back out of the church to their Sunday School from nerves, trying to remain unobtrusive to the people behind me, and the constant juggle of trying to decide if something is distracting enough to cause further distraction by refocusing him.

On a very cool note, I was approached by one of the Sunday School people who said there was a teen daughter of somebody who works with kids of SNs professionally who asked if she could come help out in his Sunday School classes and was putting out feelers wondering if I might need a babysitter. WOOHOO! The young lady who does the kid’s music is getting her certification to work in intergrated classrooms, which, combined with the relatively small group (there are 15-20 kids ranging from Pre-K to 5th grade instead of 20-30 kids the same age as Zane) really makes it a much better experience. I am SO glad we changed to this church. Not only are the adults enjoying it so much more, both of the kids seem to be doing better too.

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  1. 1 On October 1st, 2008, mischievium said:

    Can I ask– does Zane like singing? Are all the kids in Sunday school in the children’s choir? I never went to church growing up, so forgive me if that is a dumb question. I was just wondering if he was participating a) to practice participating (i.e. expand his comfort zones, practice how to preform in a group, etc.) b) because he loves to sing or c) because all the kids are expected to do it or some combo of all 3.

    While I’m asking nosy questions, am I allowed to ask how the metformin/ PCOS is going?

  2. 2 Jennifer On October 1st, 2008, Jennifer said:

    Some combo of all three. I wouldn’t push him/support him doing it if he didn’t enjoy singing, but it does push his comfort zone. All the kids in the Sunday School are a part of children’s choir, but it would be no problem to opt out if we wanted to.

    I mostly do it because he enjoys singing though. He wants to participate, but he doesn’t know all the “rules” yet so it is challenging for him.

  3. 3 Jennifer On October 1st, 2008, Jennifer said:

    The metformin seems to be going ok. I am moving to a full dose this week (they had me go up slowly because the gastric side effects can be overwhelming as the dosage increases). I seem to have a relief of some of the symptoms and have a bit more energy. I am moodier though, but that means that I am not perpetually on the edge of depression. I am also finding myself crying a lot easier too, but since I feel better most of the time, it is worth it to blubber like an idiot at “hallmark-esq” commercials.

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