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Tooth fairy on hold.

30th September 2008

Tooth fairy on hold.

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Zane lost another tooth. Remembering the utter disaster of the whole tooth fairy debacle*, this time we asked him if he wanted to leave the tooth for the tooth fairy and get money or if he wanted to keep the tooth. He wants to keep it. No tooth fairy for us. lol.

*we had him leave it under the pillow, the tooth fairy came and left him money, but he was so upset that the tooth was gone that we had to call the tooth fairy and ask to bring back the tooth. All was well the next day when he had the tooth back.

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  1. 1 On September 30th, 2008, Cindy said:

    This made me laugh. We do the whole getting money for teeth under the pillow thing, but no Tooth Fairy. Before Katie ever lost her first tooth, she asked me point blank if the Tooth Fairy was real or just pretend. I couldn’t lie to her, so our “Tooth Fairy” is explicity in quotations marks.

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