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Saturday August 20, 2005

20th August 2005

Saturday August 20, 2005

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Kntting Mamas, could use some input

Trying to design some knitting.  I want to knit a “take home outfit” for the baby.  (take-home outfits have the same ’status’ in our family as a Christening dress would in families that baptize infants….just a family tradition.  It is the main saved outfit from babyhood).  In order to do this I either need a pattern to base my design off, or just some measurements.

I was going to try and find a dress pattern and just make it longer, but all the Debbie Bliss patterns I have on hand  (one whole book. lol) start at 6 months.  Baby would drown.  I can’t find anything for 0-3 months that can really be modified well. 

Does anybody have a pattern for that small of a baby that would be useful for getting the measurements?  I need to know the chest circumference, arm circumference and length, and size of neck hole.  I am guessing that 15-18 inches from armpits down would be enough to cover the feet and maybe even cinch it closed.  A newborn shirt/sweater pattern would work too, if was one that was meant to go over the head so I could get an accurate chest circumference.

Is there something else I am missing?  I would love to hear input from the more experienced knitters out there.

I am thinking about using KnitPicks Shine on this, but am not set on that yet either. 

edited to continue with some yarn musings:

On another note.  If it is a girl, I have the cutest dress pattern I want to use for Easter.  I am looking for a basic vest pattern that I can modify the heck out of to make a coordinating vest for Zane.  Knitpicks also had some great sock yarns that has me itching to try socks, but I want to be a little more educated in sock construction before even attempting that. 

I am also 2 scarves behind because I got some novelty yarn to make them and HATED it.  I really wanted to love it because the color combinations were absolutely perfect for the intended recipients, but dread working with it.  One of the disasters from the yarn is a pathetic looking scarf end where I tried to combine some Paton’s cha cha with Lion’s Fun Fur.  Bad, bad combo.  It was supposed to be funky, but instead it is just fugly.  Plus, both yarns are a big PITA to work with and together it is a nightmare.  Uhgg.  I found a neat ladder yarn at KnitPicks that would be a good replacement for one of the people.  Has anybody worked with ladder yarn?  Is it ok to work with?  I am almost afraid of novelty yarns now after that disaster.

One other “In Search of yarn” is for a bright yellow washable wool yarn.  I have some acrylic for a project, but would really prefer washable wool.  It would suit the project so much better and the acrylic would make a great sweater for Zane.  All I can find is pale, buttery yellows and I want a more school bus type yellow.  (would need to have a grass green, bright red, and black in the same kind of yarn, but those don’t seem as hard to find)

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    This page has a lot of cute patterns for baby stuff. Congrats on your pg!

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