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Sunday April 24, 2005

24th April 2005

Sunday April 24, 2005

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Alex’s 8th Birthday Party

We went back to Robert & Dori’s today for Alex’s party.  I snuck a snack-size bag of Doritos in to “find” when the pinata broke this time in an effort to limit the sugar intake.  (He was up until 5 am after last week’s party).  It worked for the most part.  He was a little upset that he couldn’t get into the fray of kids  (they were a lot bigger than him and he was disturbed by the aggressiveness and not real keen on diving in, which was fine with me since he probably would have gotten hurt considering how they were acting).   Every piece of candy he went for was snatched up by another child before he could get it.  I was really glad I brought the bag because I probably would have needed to go up to one of the older kids and ask for a piece of candy if we wouldn’t have had something.  So it worked out well from all angles.

He wasn’t as patient waiting for the cake or watching the present opening as last week, but he still was fairly well behaved.  It seems like there were a lot more kids this time and they were wound up a lot more.  The energy level in the room was fairly insane, so the fact Zane was able to keep it together at all, without a total meltdown, showed an improvement from past behaviors.

Now here was the part of the day that gave me a moment of questioning Zach’s logic:   I have talked to Zach, my folks, and some of my friends for strategies to control the sugar input.  I talked to our friends hosting the party and they helped with things like making sure the candy and cake stayed out of reach/sight so we didn’t have battles.  (she even gave each kid a brown paper bag to put their candy in so none was laying around).  So, what does Zach do?  He gives Zane an ice cream popsicle thing.  *shaking head*  Zane was very happy and it certainly wasn’t worth the battle right then, but we will see how late we are up tonight.  We are doing everything we can to keep him from napping in hopes that it will help the situation.  Robert pointed out the upside to the situation….he could come over tonight since Zane wasn’t going to be going to bed anytime soon and we would be up late.  lol. 

Here we go again


Those are the legs of the guys putting up the pinata.  That is the twine that they set down, connected to the pinata.  Insert one ornery child and, voila!, a 3 year old’s version of a practical joke.  He wrapped around them a few times before we could get the twine away from him.


Turn #1 at the pinata (tap, tap, tap)

Turn #2, this time the bat is upside down, but he still happily counted out his 3 taps.

Zane was really excited to give Alex his present…it appears to be a hit too!


Ice Cream Popcicle


My industrious guy built this while I was taking some photos of their family


For those of you interested, Zach put all the photos from Alex’s party up here, and the photos from Cody’s party last week are here.   (not as many, our batteries ran out).  At the end of Alex’s party are some pictures of their baby, Eilysh, in a wool cover prototype that Dori is working on as she gets ready to start her cloth diaper cover business.

eta:  Well, he got to bed earlier then he did last week after the sugar.  4:40 AM.  I hope we can get him back on track soon. 

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    almost 5 in the morning! I hope he’s doing better now.

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