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Saturday April 30, 2005

30th April 2005

Saturday April 30, 2005

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This is really good news.  I am not pro-abortion, but this bill had some serious flaws in it.  The primary complaint I had with it is the method they are using to try to restrict abortions and the implications of those restrictions.

The main issue I have is their attempt to eliminate the privacy of medical records.  They claimed it was so they could freely investigate all abortion clinic patient’s records to be sure that the patients met all the requirements for an abortion.  The flaw is that it would be done without cause.  If they have cause, the can obtain a subpoena under the current law.  That seems more reasonable to me. 

The privacy of our medical records is already in serious jeopardy due to the actions of insurance companies and the interests of big business.  This would open the door to completely disregarding the privacy of medical records.  This has a large potential for a serious misuse of power and needed to be stopped.  It would become really easy to argue other issues and gain the rights to your medical records if you have an deviation from the ‘norm’.  For example:  vaccinations.  There are already people who argue that not vaccinating your child is medical neglect.  No gray area, no willingness to admit that vaccination are not in every child’s best interests.  Now, if these uneducated opinions became recognized as law it would mean that every person who was not fully vaccinated was automatically under suspicion for medical neglect, therefore we should make their medical records public so those people can be freely investigated.  Those with money would be able to defend themselves against the onslaught, and those without money would just be screwed. 

The Rev. Joe Wright, pastor of Central Christian Church in Wichita, said legislators are mistaken if they think church-goers were only interested in the gay marriage ban, which was approved by voters earlier this month.
“The church is in this for the long haul,” said Wright, who watched the vote from the House gallery.
“I think this vote today will come back to haunt those who voted no,” he said. “I’m sure the churches in Wichita will remember.”

I can not believe I tried to convince dh to try this church.  (it is located very close to us and had services at convenient times – the church itself didn’t impress me because it was one of those bloated McChurch looking things).  He refused, saying that every person he had ever met that goes to that church was somebody he absolutely despised; several unethical, mean-spirited coworkers who shocked him when they claimed to be Christian.  When I started noticing the leader of the church and his horrific comments on the news, I realized that it was really NOT where I wanted to be.  This guy is totally nuts and defines everything I can not stand about the “Christian” Right Wing Neo-cons.  (It was in quotes intentionally…I have a hard time calling some one a Christian when their actions are anything but Christ-like)

This guy is at the height of arrogance if he truly believes that all Christians are for the marriage ban and approve of the bill that was vetoed. 

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