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Our last stop of the day: A Castle Festival

18th August 2008

Our last stop of the day: A Castle Festival

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We rode up to the Schnellenberg castle, which overlooks the town of Attendorn. They have had a festival going over the weekend, and we join in just before sunset. We eat bratwurst on rolls (Bratwurst mit Brötchen… zwei), wash it down with a shared beer, and listen to the band for a while as the sun set. It was an Irish band, who spoke German, and played traditional Irish jigs, reels, and folk music (which I love and almost never get to hear live), mixed the occasional American Bluegrass or Old Country song in English (with an Irish accent). There were a few young people dancing down in front of the band, and at least one kilt wearing dude. Really fun to watch. A relaxing end to the day. We left about a half an hour before the fireworks to go home. We were exhausted and didn’t want to deal with driving home with that kind of crowd.  Worn out hardly covers it.

Peaceful, charming end to a thrilling day. As much fun as it was to see the sights, I am glad he works and we are staying in Attendorn. It is so much more relaxing and laid back here.

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