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Saturday September 25, 2004

25th September 2004

Saturday September 25, 2004

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I had an interesting phone call.  A program coordinator from the YMCA called to hear my thoughts about the Music and Motion class because there had been complaints.  The first thing out of my mouth was it should be called Music and Sitting if that is what they expect the kids to do. She laughed and said “So you think it is TOO structured?”  lol.  I told her I just expected it be more of everybody doing action songs (head – shoulder – knees and toes type songs) with the parents doing the actions, and the kids imitating or playing some music and the kids beat drums or something. You know…like the title, Music and Motion.  Some people evidently had their panties in a bunch because the teacher didn’t have “control of the classroom”.  I asked her how they expected to control a classroom of kids from walking to three?!?  She agreed and said that was why it was parent participation. I told her that although I am right on top of redirecting him away from purses, bags and strollers (and was frankly sort of ticked that people brought so much crap with them to a half an hour tot’s class..I came in with car keys only….what could you possibly need in a half an hour that justifies luggage?), and making sure he is gentle with the other kids (no pushing and such), but I was not going to battle him to sit down in a Music and Motion class, especially when there are a whole group of kids energetically running around the circle. They were all happy and having a ball and nobody was getting hurt.  I don’t get what the big deal was.  Evidently several of the parents in the group’s first comment was “Is that their only child?”  LOL!  My first thought too.  If the only experience you have with children is a child that is basically quiet, who actually SITS and who listens and obeys without it ever being an issue, you are NOT going to get it, AT ALL. 

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    Good for you, giving that feedback!

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