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Wednesday September 29, 2004

29th September 2004

Wednesday September 29, 2004

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Pumpkin Yarn!

This is custom hand dyed merino wool yarn from Jessica at Fabric Connection.  It is meant to make pumpkin hats (the greenish one is for the stem and leaves)   I’ve got one hat on the needles.  I don’t have a pattern so I am just winging it and will probably make each hat a little different.  This one started with a seed stitch headband, then some increases to make it poofy.


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  1. 1 On October 3rd, 2004, home.aspx?user=Jennifer_Z said:

    Actually, I am just making some up as I go along.  The idea to do it came from the LTK hat, but I haven’t looked at it in a while because I dont’ want to copy it completely.  I like and respect Theresa and don’t want to infringe on her copyright.

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