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How to make my heart flutter in anticipation

15th August 2008

How to make my heart flutter in anticipation

Steps away from the hotel I see this window.
German Sock Yarn. LOTS of German Sock Yarn
An entire STORE of German Sock Yarn.
(for those who don’t know, German sock yarn is the top of the line in sock yarn)

You wanna know how to make me want to cry?

We leave Attendorn either the 20th or 21st (can’t remember) to spend our last night in Frankfurt for an early flight out. (and, if you will notice, that is our hotel in the reflection, that is how close it is)
Now I need to figure out how to say “Where can I buy Sock Yarn” and “Anyplace else?” *sigh*

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There are currently 3 responses to “How to make my heart flutter in anticipation”

  1. 1 On August 15th, 2008, Zach said:

    We have closed…

    …we are back for you

    Strickwolle (streek-vowla) knitting wool
    Stricken garn (streek-en gahrn) knitting yarn, string, cotton

  2. 2 On August 15th, 2008, Jesse said:

    oh cruel world! That yarn looks beautiful!

  3. 3 On August 16th, 2008, Lisa said:

    I heard a story on NPR today about “Little House on the Prairie: The Musical” and it made me think about you. Glad to see you are having a nice trip!

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