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The after work walk to the market, the pub, and supper

14th August 2008

The after work walk to the market, the pub, and supper

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 If I venture a guess, this doesn’t mean quite what I think it means.  As it stands, this would be the last place I would go to have my hair done.  lol

Stopped at the Hotel Pub before returning to the room.  They serve local brews.  We tried two brews on Tuesday night, and two brews on Wednesday night.  The brews are really heavy on the hops and, with the exception of the last one we tried last night, way too bitter for my taste.  But when you are in Germany, you have to try the beer.  It’s a rule.

Both of the servers pictured here can speak decent English.  (actually most of the people here can at least speak a few words of English) The young blond girl is from France and at least Tri-lingual.   The other one has been our waitress several times.  Both are really nice.  Actually, everyone we have met here has been very gracious. 

On Tuesday, when we ate in the restaurant, I looked up how to say “no onion” just to make sure it didn’t have onions (although I have been surprised to know that there aren’t onions in everything here.  At home, almost everything has onions, especially the German-Mennonite ethnic cooking).  After we sat there for a bit, the chef came out and asked if garlic was ok, in perfect English.  I was stunned and pleased.  First, to recognize that an onion allergy might also mean a garlic one (which is true for my dad, but I am fine with garlic), second, to actually ask instead of assume.  I was impressed.  (The dish didn’t come with onions, but it had pesto, which always has garlic in it)  The food was magnificent.  I have noticed that all of the food here tastes extremely fresh and homemade.  I have yet to eat anything that wasn’t absolutely wonderful.  (well, except for that soft cheese I got the first day, but that was just because it wasn’t to my taste, there wasn’t anything wrong with it)

Our Server looked up the words in the translator just to let us know “A good German Beer takes at least 7 minutes to pour”  when our beer sat there in front of us under the taps, waiting. 

Ah, at last.  This one is our favorite.  It is the first beer I think I have tasted in my life that I actually liked, not just tolerated.  (I am not much for beer.  I like wine, but beer generally doesn’t taste all that great to me)  It is the pope’s favorite beer if I understood her correctly.

As we left the pub and walked around the corner, this sight greeted us.  It is a double rainbow, but the second one didn’t show up well in the photo, and the main rainbow was much brighter in person.  You could see all of the spectrum and it seemed to be a full rainbow.

Back in the room, the supper we got from the market.  We had it on crackers, which I am guessing isn’t the norm around here given that there were only two cracker boxes in the whole market, and one was Ritz and the other looked like a Ritz knock-off. 

The larger whole sausage is called “Fresh Sausage” and reminded me of the “fat hot dogs” I used to get at the local market from the butcher counter in the back in the small towns I grew up near.  It was a treat that we didn’t get often, and also depended on whether or not they had them that day.  Usually, we only got them during harvest time.  (because that was one of the main times we didn’t have time to drive to the bigger city to shop, so we were in the local market a lot more)  I need to remember to tell Zach to leave the “skin” on the whole thing next time.  The snap of the skin as you bite into it is part of the experience.  lol.

edited to add: I was wrong, the sausage casing is not a natural sausage casing in this case. (this casing case…lol) It is a paper of some kind and most certainly not meant to be eaten.

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  1. 1 On August 14th, 2008, Dawn said:

    It looks wonderful. Enjoy, you deserve this. I am living through your posts. If you can, will you email me. I don’t have your email and I’d like to ask you something. Love you!

  2. 2 On August 14th, 2008, Dayvid said:

    Hey Jennifer…That’s pretty awesome you are in Europe too! We aren’t planning on going north anymore except to Munich airport on our way home on Saturday. We have a short lay-over there. Looks like you’re having a good time too! Italy sure is a wonderful place! I love it here. Florence is a really good city. Rome was too crowded and too touristy. Venice was very HOT! But I love Florence.

    Hope the remainder of your trip goes well and is relaxing. Peace!

  3. 3 On August 15th, 2008, Zach said:

    Remember “mit guten Kaffee kommen große ideen” or something like that. :wink:

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