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End of an Era

24th July 2008

End of an Era

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Zane’s last day of speech therapy for the summer semester was last week. It was also the last time he would be paired up with his friend, M. The two have become good buddies, and it was her birthday party we went to a few weeks ago. They have done the friendship group together for several semesters. She is stopping private therapy and just going to school. She has a good placement in an autism room in the only school I would even consider for Zane. If it weren’t all the way across town, I might even contact the school again to try and get him there, but there is no way I want him going to a school that would take me a half hour to forty five minutes to drive to in our cars unless I was 110% sure that it would be the best situation for him.

(a little blurry because they are taken through a one way mirror from the observation room)

And one of him relaxing at home with his traffic jam game

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